Race Check in

Sunday Morning6:30 am

Start Times

8:05 amOlympic Triathlon & Aquabike (Individuals and Teams)
8:10 amAll Duathlon events
8:35 amSprint Triathlon & Aquabike – All Men
8:40 amSprint Triathlon & Aquabike – All Women & All Teams
8:45 amGive it a Tri 
11:15 amAwards & Spot Prizes


Give it a Tri100m swim – 10km cycle – 2km run
Sprint Triathlon500m swim – 20km cycle – 5km run
Olympic Triathlon1500m swim – 40km cycle – 10km run
Give it a Du10km cycle – 2km run
Sprint Duathlon20km cycle – 5km run
Olympic Duathlon40km cycle – 10km run
Sprint Aquabike500m swim – 20km cycle
Olympic Aquabike1500m swim – 40km cycle

Race Day info

Best advice for all competitors (not just first timers), is to arrive at the race site early. The best way to avoid being rushed is to insure that you have enough time to get organised pre-race. 

After parking, take your bike and gear with you to the transition area (the big fenced in area with the bike racks) and claim a spot of real estate for yourself.

You can ‘rack’ your bike by either hooking the seat over the top rail of the bike rack or by hooking the handlebars/brake levers over the top rail. The choice is yours – whichever works better for you. Take a look around to see what others are doing, and then follow suit. Once your bike is racked, you can drop your gear next to it – there should be time to lay it out neatly later.

Now you should consider heading to the check in area