The Enduro & Team Super Sprint Relay

Two very different races all run on the same course on the same day.

The super-sprint triathlon is fast, furious and down right fun. It is perfect for those getting into the sport or those with fast twitch fibers ready to be released. The short sharp nature of it means you are in and out early to stick around to watch The Enduro, the most brutal test of them all. 

Start Times

10:15 amTeam Super Sprint Relay
11:45 amThe Enduro
Awards & Spot Prizes


Team Super Sprint Relay250m swim, 6km cycle and 1km run
The Enduro3 Super Sprint Triathlons back to back with no break in between.

Race info

Team Super Sprint Relay

Teams of 4

The Triathlon Team Mixed Relay format showcases racing at its most thrilling, with the individual sport combining with pure team spirit. Athletes must complete a super-sprint triathlon – 250m swim, 6km bike and 1km run – before tagging off to a teammate. Among the most exciting aspects of these races for spectators is the athletes’ dramatic sprint and dive after being tagged by their teammate, as well as the intensity and speed from start to finish, the tight back-and-forth lead changes and team pride make it a fantastic day out

The Enduro

Considered one of our most brutal formats, the Enduro requires endurance and tactics all done at a break neck pace. 3 Super Sprint Triathlons back to back with no break in between. Slow and steady or out like a hare? Be wise as at the end of each discipline the last person will be eliminated (although you will still be able to continue under the radar).  The winner is the first across the finish line at the end of the 3rd complete triathlon sequence.